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PT Sayap Mas Utama

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As one of the largest producers of consumer goods in Indonesia, and one that is still growing fast, WINGS is committed to the development of its human resources as the backbone of its success.
“WINGS invites the best people to join.”Individuals who are honest, dynamic, innovative and ambitious are the future of WINGS.

Marketing & Sales
Product marketing. Identifying target markets and potential competitors. Identifying customer needs, developing integrated product strategies for each brand and creating brand identity. Working in collaboration with the sales and R&D departments, as well as other departments. Planning sales targets, analyzing market trends and preparing appropriate marketing strategies for target markets.

Selling WINGS products. Capable of developing and maintaining good relations with customers. Assisting customers in marketing products. Identifying business opportunities and communicating them to the customers. Developing cooperation with the customers so as to expand business and produce maximum benefits to both the customers and the Company.

Finance & Accounting
Must understand administrative, accounting and financial concepts. Organizing AP & AR, monitoring cash flow and optimizing long-term profits. Analyzing accounting data, identifying problems and planning improvements to the system. Good knowledge of computers. Collaborating with the Sales, Marketing and Logistics Departments, as well as other departments.

Involves the Purchasing, Supply Chain Management, and Distribution Departments. Understanding purchasing, and selecting and evaluating suppliers, maintaining relations with suppliers so as to improve the smooth operation and efficiency of the Company.

Clear understanding of supply chain management concepts and techniques. Areas of focus include MRP, Production Planning, Production Scheduling, DRP, and Demand Planning. Capable of thinking strategically and tactically. High level of problem solving skills and communication skills.

Human Resources
Committed to the development of human resources and the organization so as to improve business efficiency and productivity and continuously increase value both for the Company and employees. Must have an in-depth understanding and mastery of human resources, recruitment and training strategies, as well as compensation and benefits.

Research & Development
Must have a solid background in and mastery of chemistry and research. Capable of developing existing products in accordance with market trends. Responsible for selecting and applying raw materials acceptance standards and planning production processes that are capable of efficiently producing high-quality goods. Capable of designing appropriate packaging in accordance with function. Collaborating with the Marketing, Production and Logistics and other Departments.

Production & Engineering
To be responsible in maintaining the production processes in order to achieve the production targets by still concentrating on goods quality, equipment maintenance, and the efficiency of raw material usage. Able to control and giving strength motivation to the human resources as they will give the best results for customers, company, and all employees. Able to produce a healthy, safe, and delightful working environment.

Information Technology
Must have a good mastery of IT. Capable of organizing hardware, software and network infrastructure and of dealing with any problems that arise in the field. Must have a solid knowledge of programming and systems analysis, and be capable of providing solutions to problems. Capable of developing and maintaining cutting-edge communications and information systems. Able to work with other departments.

PT. Sayap Mas Utama
Kawasan Perluasan Utara PT JIEP Jl. Tipar Cakung Kav. F 5-7 Jakarta 13910
Phone: (62-21) 4602696 ( Hunting ) Fax : (62-21) 4603494, 4609211
or email: hrd@wingscorp.com
Career Centre: http://www.wingscorp.com/career.html
Homepage: http://www.wingscorp.com

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