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BPJS Kesehatan - D3, D4, S1 Fresh Graduate Regular Program BPJS November 2015

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BPJS Kesehatan
BPJS Kesehatan / bpjs-kesehatan.go.id
Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan - BPJS Kesehatan is state-owned health insurance agency in Indonesia. The health insurance agency is a non profit government agency in Indonesia which that is involved in health insurance. BPJS Kesehatan is fully-owned and managed by the Government of Indonesia (GOI). BPJS Kesehatan was established in 31 December 2013 under Law No 24 of 2011 and officially operates on 1 January 2014. BPJS Kesehatan was formed by GOI to manage health insurance for all Indonesian Citizen (WNI) and to replace the function of ASKES or PT Asuransi Kesehatan Indonesia (Persero). ASKES is a state-controlled company in Indonesia that is involved in health insurance. BPJS Kesehatan is based in Jakarta and its head office is registered at Jl Letjend.Suprapto Kav 20 No 14 Cempaka Putih, Jakarta Pusat 10510. In term of office networks, BPJS Kesehatan has 12 regional offices, 104 branch offices throughout Indonesia (as of December 2014).

Achievement and performance of BPJS Kesehatan in 2014 shows good results achievement. As at the end of December 2014, BPJS Kesehatan reported total participants of 133.4 million people. These total participants figures reflected an 109.72% increased from the target set in 2014 which was 121.6 millions participants, according to BPJS Kesehatan's latest news release as quoted by JobsCDC.com.

In line with its continued expansion program, Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan (BPJS Kesehatan) is calling young smart people to seize theese career opportunities
  1. Staff Teknologi Informasi
  2. Staff Keuangan
  3. Staff Kepesertaan
  4. Staff Hukum
  5. Staff Manajemen Pelayanan Kesehatan
  6. Staff Pemasaran
  7. Sekretaris
  8. Staff Umum (General Affair)
  9. Program Calon Pimpinan
General Requirements
  • Education Background
    • Diploma/Bachelor Degree (D3/S1) in Informatics Engineering, Informatics Management, Information System, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering (1).
    • Diploma/Bachelor Degree (D3/S1) in Finance Management, Accounting, and Taxation (2).
    • Diploma/Bachelor Degree (D3/S1) in Economic, Public Health (other than the Department of Nutrition), Pharmacy, and Law.
    • Bachelor Degree (S1) in Law (4).
    • Diploma/Bachelor Degree (D3/S1) in General Practitioners (Dokter Umum), Dentists (Dokter Gigi) and Nursing (5).
    • Diploma/Bachelor Degree (D3/S1) in Economics, Marketing Management, Public Health, Pharmacy, and Law (6).
    • Diploma Degree (D3) in Commerce Administration, Office Administration, and Secretary (7).
    • Diploma/Bachelor Degree (D3/S1) in Economy, Public Health, Pharmacy, Psychology, and Law (8).
    • Bachelor Degree (S1) in Economic Accounting, Economics, Law, General Practitioners, and Dentists (9).
  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
  • Male/Female.
  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • Have a valid national ID Card.
  • Maximum age of 25 years old for diploma degree graduates, 27 years old for bachelor degree graduates and 32 years old for General Practitioners, Dentists per 31 December 2015.
  • Marital Status: single/not married or married (especially for General Practitioners and Dentist applicants).
  • Willing not to get married during the first 1 year, except for applicants who have been married at the time of application.
  • GPA (on a 4-point scale) and Accreditation:
    • For position 1 - 8
      • PTN : minimum GPA of 3.00 and accreditation B.
      • PTS : minimum GPA of 3.25 and accreditation A.
      • For General Practitioners and Dentist : minimum GPA of 2.5 and accreditation C.
    • For position 9
      • Minimum GPA of 3.25 and accreditation A. 
      • For General Practitioners and Dentist : minimum GPA of 2.75 and accreditation A.
      • Minimum TOEFL score of 450.
  • Computer litarate.
  • Willing to submit the original diploma to BPJS Kesehatan within a period of 2 (two) years since appointed as Prospective Employees.
  • Not serving a bond with other companies / institutions.
  • Never dishonorably discharged as an employee in any company / institution.
  • Never been and / or are in the process of court or involved in legal proceedings.
  • Applicants with D4 education if they pass the selection will be recognized equally D3.
For further information, please refer official source from BPJS Kesehatan on following link below. If you are interested in working at BPJS Kesehatan and have met the requirements as mentioned above, please register and submit your application directly through PPM Manajemen's system at www.ppm-rekrutmen.com/BPJSKES. All applications close on 11 November 2015, 23.59 WIB. Applications received after these dates will not be considered. All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially. Only candidates that meet the above qualification will be shortlisted. (JobsCDC.com / Source)

Notes :
JobsCDC.com now available on android device. Download now on Google Play here. Please be aware of recruitment fraud. The entire stage of this selection process is free of charge. BPJS Kesehatan - D3, D4, S1 Fresh Graduate Regular Program BPJS November 2015 will never ask for fees or upfront payments for any purposes during the recruitment process such as transportation and accommodation.

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